Follow these step-by-step guide for a smooth transaction.

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Comment faire une transaction avec Interac au Canada


How it works:

METHOD 1 :Payment with Credit/Debit Cards/Bank transfer/ SEPA/ Appel Pay/ Google Pay/Samsung Pay via Moonpay.

  • For the first time, start with a small amount of about $100 to set up your account and follow Moonpay instructions strictly or your transaction will be rejected.
  • This is a blockchain on-ramp gateway through Moonpay and you may be required to verify your account.
  • If your phone is blocking camara access when uploading documents, check phone settings or leave the app and use your browser link or another device.

Click here to see video on how it works (

METHOD 2 : Payment with Crytos/Bitcoins

A. For users in the USA (We recommend using Cashapp).Please take the following steps:

  1. Get your Cashapp account verified to enable bitcoin purchase and withdrawals if you haven't. Watch this video on how to get verify your cashapp:

  2. After verification, click here and follow the process : How to use cashapp biticion wallet on Futura Exchange or watch this video :

B. For users in Canada, we recommend using Paytrie( Follow these steps below:

  1. First create and verify your account with on Paytrie ( with your interac email address.
  2. Login to your Futura Exchange account ( Watch this video and follow the steps :

C. All Countries (We recommend using Coinbase)

  1. Sign up on Coinbase ( and verify your account. Follow the steps in this video : .
  2. Once you have set up your account on coinbase, see how to buy and transfer Bitcoins on Coinbase :
  3. Follow the same steps as in this video to do a transaction on Futura Exchange :

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